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On the occasion of the celebration of 400 years of relationship between Japan and Spain, we want to do a piece that reflects the Western imagination about this mythical city of Tokyo.


A group of people share the same obsession, a desire which, for various reasons it's impossible to reach, they want to go to Tokyo, they want to go to what they believe is the future. Before such frustration, they decide to imagine it, to create  and in order to do so, they will share a lucid dream, a consensual hallucination, a dream trip to a "VIP Lounge" in a Tokyo that they devise. In this "Unreal level", It will be their bodies who select the spaces of their experiences, instant spaces saturated with signs and stimuli. Disoriented by the virtuality, timelessness and chaos they will finally awake, only to understand that what they dreamed as the future is nothing more than the present that many years before, had already being built in fiction...

Atistic direction and choreography: Mey-Ling Bisogono 

Cast: Diana Bonilla, Helena Berrozpe, Aitor Presa, Mey-Ling Bisogno Rafael Ibañez and José Juan Rodriguez, Pilar Duque de Estrada.

Original soundtrack: Martin Ghersa

Live musicians (optional): Martin Ghersa and Isabel Romeo Biedma

Lighting Design: Cristina Gómez Jimenez and Paloma Parra

Video mapping: Martin Ghersa and Daniel Calvo

Costume Design: Diego Duarte

Scenery and props: Pilar Duque de Estrada and Mey-Ling Bisogno Communication and Press:

CULT PROJECT - Elvira Giménez and Ángela de la Torre

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