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Peep Box 350º
the flannel soldiers
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soldadito B&W.png
soldadito B&W.png
Drawing by M-lon

Contemporary dance - physical theater

Medium format: 7 dancers

Chorus option: 20 volunteers

Duration: 55 minutes


"PEEP BOX 350º, the flannel soldiers, is inspired by the" new resistance ", this youth of countries in conflict

(called the third world) that come together to challenge the established power. This work seeks to capture the poetics that emanates from these young people,  that resist by reinventing a universe, drawing virgin cartographies, inaccurate maps of their destiny and that of others.

Chorus option: 20 volunteers

This modality allows the work to involve in a more active way the communities that host each Theater. In this case, the format of a workshop of maximum duration of 60 hours and minimum 40 hours that can be distributed between 5 to 10 days would be applied, involving a varied group of volunteers with the main cast to develop a contextually unique version of the production.


Artistic direction: Mey-Ling Bisogno


choreography: Mey-Ling Bisogno with the dancers collaboration. 


Cast: Diana Bonilla Lafuente, Ian Garside, Elisa Forcano, Aitor Presa, Gonzalo Simón, Cristina Pérez Sosa y Gonzalo Peguero.


Choreographer’s assistant:: Diana Bonilla

Original sound track: Martin Ghersa

Lighting design and technique: Pablo R Seoane - Cía. de la luz

Props: Aristide Stornelli

Artistic collaboration: Tomás Pozzi and Tomás Cabané

Production & Management: peso producciones

"Work selected within the National Circuit Dance A Scene 2020."


With the support of "Subsidy to the choreographic creation by the Community of Madrid 2018" and "Subsidy to the contemporary creation of the Madrid City Council" 2017. And the collaboration of: Cultural Centre Conde Duque, Centro Danza Canal and Choreographers in Community.


Premiered on noviembre the 30th 2018 at the Centro Comarcal de Humanidades Cardenal Gonzaga Sierra Norte.

June the 14th 2019. Festival Tercera Setmana - Valencia

July 19th 2019. Festival MUSEG  - Segovia

October the 8th 2020 Teatro de La Audiencia - Soria

November the 13th. Festival Dansa València

January the 20th y 21st. Teatros del Canal - Madrid

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