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Danza en la Villa 2012 Teatro Fernán Gómez

Teatro Sala Triángulo Octubre 2012

Festival Internacional Madrid en Danza. Noviembre 2012

Peep Box explores the influence of others people gaze over one's personal psyche. Provoking encounters, conflicts, confluences and contradictions, seven characters looking at themselves in the confusion of time - our time - overloaded with information. Children of an era in which social networks projects them as beings who look and are looked, exposed under a giant magnifying glass, interconnected as never vefore in history, Peep Box dancers continue to seek ways to relate and be understood.

Artistic direction and Choreography:  Mey-Ling Bisogno

Cast: Aitor dam Diana Bonilla Candelaria Antelo Victor Alfaro Ramos Ana Crouseilles Rafa Ibanez Sara Peinado and Diana Bonilla.

Artistic collaboration: Diana Bonilla y Juan Branca

Original Sountrack: Martín Ghersa

Lighting design: Paloma Parra 

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