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There is a theory that states that gluttony and lust have their roots in human biology, in the survival instinct itself.


So, how to distinguish the border between need and excess? Who is capable of setting moral limits to pleasure when it appears as a collateral effect of a necessary activity?


Today gluttony and lust are not only limited to the biological or relational sphere, but have expanded to the cybernetic and virtual world. People not only seek their personal satisfaction, but also want to project it, reproducing and multiplying their experiences through social media for an audience that compulsively consumes the experience of the "other" from the comfort of their home. Faced with such an exposed society, where each subject is their own object of publicity and where everything is measured by its exposure value, we have become merchandise...




Direction and choreography: Meyling Bisogno

Cast: Aiala Echegaray, Diana Bonilla, Cristina Pérez Sosa and Edoardo Ramirez Ehlinger

Lighting: Álvaro Guisado

Original music and sound setting: Martín Ghersa

Styling: Cristina Pérez Sosa

Artistic Collaboration: Tomás Pozzi

Scenography and props: Mey-Ling Bisogno

Communication and Management: Peso producciones

Photographs and video: Jesús Robisco


With the support and collaboration of:

The Community of Madrid, the Canal Choreographic Center, the María Pagés Choreographic Center, the La Gomera Choreographic Center, the Fuenlabrada City Council and the Guía City Council, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.



Premiere February 10, 2022 at the Theater of the Institute Français in Madrid

Performances: April  6 and 7 at the Fernán Gómez Theater. Centro Cultural de la Villa within the cycle "DANZA EN LA VILLA"

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