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Regardez moi 


Between 2008 and 2009, Mey-Ling Bisogno supported by the DRAC and SPIP 78 (insertion and probation service center) worked a series of

Creative workshops  entitled "3 steps forward" organized in prisons of Versailles and Bois D'Arcy. These workshops were conducted in 3 steps:



First step: A 3 week workshop where the prisoners work techniques of improvisation, physical training and choreographic composition



Second step: 3 weeks workshops to develop the music, the design of costumes, scenery and lights. These workshops concluded with 2 representation for all detainees from each Center



Third step: A more ambitious work in collaboration with the direction of the insertion and probation center and the Théâtre de Villepreux, to create a choreographic work  by detainees outside the detention centre, in the Théâtre de Villepreux, taking into account the devices and people required by the institution of the prison in terms of safety.

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