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Peep box 350º

PEEP BOX 350º "Subsidy to the contemporary creation of the Madrid City Council" 2017. With the collaboration of: Conde Duque Cultural Centre, Centro Danza Canal and Choreographers in Community.


"PEEP BOX 350º, the flannel soldiers, is inspired by the" new resistance ", this youth of countries in conflict (called the third world) that come together to challenge the established power. This work does not attempt to advocate violence or a political statement or position. Simply seeks to capture the poetics that emanates from these young people, that despite noting that the past does not count and the future does not appear, they manage to find their energy in chaos. And alone, living in a continuous present, they weave and unweave alliances, they initiate strange coexistence, they venture to the bond, but also to the rivalry. They are protected and exposed. They look for ways to meet, to relate and to understand each other. They resist and resisting they reinvent a universe, draw virgin cartographies, inaccurate maps of their destiny and that of others.


Peep box 350º is a research project and creation of a performance with 30 performers, intended for theatrers, site-specific and non-conventional spaces.


The project involves a process of selecting 30 artists (dancers, physical theatre actors and circus artists) to participate in a 60 hours workshop that culminates with a public performance of 30 minutes.


Direction y Coreography: Mey-Ling Bisogno

Asistent: Diana Bonilla

Original:Sound track: Martin Ghersa

Production, comunication & management: Cristina Pérez Sosa

"work selected within the National Circuit Dance A Scene 2020."

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