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Manga is literally translated as «whimsical drawings» or «doodles».

This Japanese word is used to refer to the cartoon in general.

The Japanese also called Manga «insignificant images».

On stage, three women. Dancers, actresses, characters of a comic book? Laminated heroines who move between physical theatre and dance, between surrealism of their strident hairs and the possibilities of the multimedia scene.

Together, Diana Bonilla, Cristina Pérez Sosa and Mey-Ling Bisogno transport us to the universe of Manga or the strange disappearance of Ultra Chic and Freak, a mixed fantasy about transformation, the desire to be somebody else and the movement.



Artistic direction and Choreography:  Mey-Ling Bisogno

Cast: Diana Bonilla Lafuente, Cristina Perez Sosa and Mey-Ling Bisogno

Origina Soundtrack: Martín Ghersa

Lighting design: Paloma Parra

illustration: Lucas Rearte

Video: Esteban Ghersa

Costumes: Milan Hau.


Teatro Pradillo, Madrid 2011

o  la extraña desaparición de Ultra Chic y Freack ​
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