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Crash Test Club


It is a parody of the television games, where the dancers/contestants compete as children in a playgrounds.  Elimination plays the tension role. The mannequins are the jokers of each of the participants but they will progressively become their distressing doubles. The video reinforces the TV aspect "shot live," showing in simultaneous the reactions of the candidates, becoming a dark and unsettling commentary of choreography



Artistic Direction and Choreography: Mey-Ling Bisogno

Cast: Samy Saint Barbe, Ivana Sparti, victory Barcelona, Frederic Werle and Kamel Sadaoui

Lighting: Pierre Montessuit

Costumes: Milan Hau

Music: Fred Schnider

Co Productions: Centre National de la Danse, Maison de l'Argentine, Fondation Deutch of the Meurthe and La maison des arts de Créteil


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